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With the reduction in Oil prices, upstream and midstream operators face many challenges, including cutting costs while continuing to improve efficiency. Monitoring and control cannot be sacrificed, yet efficiency has become critical as well. Innovative tools like SiteAnalyst and SiteAnalyst IoT help operators continue to monitor and control assets and production with an emphasis on reduced cost without sacrificing operational knowledge. SiteAnalyst IoT simplifies SCADA operations down to just two simple screens providing the ability to monitor in near real time at a fraction of the cost and effort of operating an in-house SCADA system or other expensive cloud-based services.

SiteAnalyst IoT provides user screen layout customization, charting, alarm management, reporting, trending, and geolocation mapping of both stationary and mobile units. Allowing the operator to set up screens with the precise information needed for each site saves time and money.

Starting at $10 per asset for even a quantity of one, operators start saving with the first device loaded into SiteAnalyst IoT. With each additional site or asset, the savings increase. Try our price calculator now to see how much you can save.

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Analyze Before Deploy

With SiteAnalyst IoT abilities, analyze critical components as well as other key data points through detailed trending and comparisons.

Remotely Monitor Assets

SiteAnalyst IoT provides dashboard, trending, and alarming remotely on virtually any smart phone or tablet.

Reduce down-time

Spend less time with functioning assets, and more time on assets that need attention.

Map Assets & Mobile Assets

SiteAnalyst IoT allow mapping of both mobile and stationary assets.

View Data in Real-Time

SiteAnalyst IoT uses the latest in web design and development.

Secure Solutions

SiteAnalyst IoT is hosted in the cloud or at our private secure data centers.

Production Accounting

Production Accounting


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Alarm and Control Management

Alarm & Control Management


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Field Services

Field Service Management


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Touch Screen Solutions

Regulatory & Measurement


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