SiteAnalyst IoT ™ Advantages:

  • Monitor assets from anywhere, using SiteAnalyst IoT mapping and alarm tools route personnel to the critical locations first, or set up pre-determined routes and monitor service equipment throughout the day.

  • Lower energy prices are bad enough, paying for a non-performing well can be even more costly. Reduce downtime by having the information needed to make critical decisions at the most effective time.
  • Map assets, all equipment, and personnel with a single tool. Monitor asset alarm and track vehicles in real-time using SiteAnalyst IoT mapping package.

  • A key cost of any field services team is equipment, monitor equipment usage and maximize the benefits and reduce the costs using SiteAnalyst IoT mapping and monitoring solutions. At less than $15 a month, each equipment can be accounted for in real-time and put in production immediately without current and costly search and find methods.

  • During an event, see what equipment and personnel are available in the closest vicinity providing for reduced downtime during mission critical mishaps.

SiteAnalyst IoT Gas Meter


  • SiteAnalyst IoT with 20 data points designed for standard Gas Well, including Alarming, Mapping, Trending, Mini Dashboard

SiteAnalyst IoT Gas & Downhole


  • SiteAnalyst IoT with 30 data points designed for standard Gas Well and Downhole casing, pressure, and other readings.

SiteAnalyst IoT Gas Full


  • SiteAnalyst IoT with 50 data points, monitoring Gas Well, Downhole pressures, Separators, Compressors, etc.