Oil and Gas Production

Cancun Gas Production

The Cancun site displays a common natural gas production environment, covering the range from well to storage. It emphasizes flexibility by demonstrating customized grid displays, simplified tables, location mapped images and a graphic visualization with live data.

Production Demo

N. Louisiana Gas Field

This group demonstrates the ease of use and scalability of the system. Taking a combination of 50 distinct meters, each with multiple tanks, the software provides a clean, easy to read view of over 700 data points. Further, it demonstrates the ability to perform calculations on those data points by sub-group or overall group. This allows an instant, up to date view of production values.

Gas Field Demo

Tanks Demo

The Tank group provides a compact, quick view of 60 tanks visible in half your screen. Typical data is displayed and easily graphed in just a few clicks. Also, valuable calculated data such as rate of change and change in the last 24 hours is also available. Along with the compact view, a visual display easily shows the most pertinent data in a customized graphical display.

Tanks Demo

North Texas Ranch

The North Texas Ranch group presents an extensive and comprehensive view of a common gas and oil tank arrangement. The typical values concerning natural gas processing and tank levels are present. But also included are gas analysis, tank summaries, local weather conditions, variance and forecast calculated values and even the current trading price for commodities from the NYMEX.

Ranch Demo

Rod Pump

North Texas Liquid Demo

The North Texas Liquid example provides tracking and insight into the measurement values necessary to monitor a typical rod pump operation, as well as production summaries and storage tank capacities. Additionally, it provides the controls and set points to control production and safeguard the site against failure.

Liquid Demo


Environmental Air Quality

The Environmental Air Quality group presents scientific instrument data collected via a data logger and associated to multiple sites. The data can be as granular as each minute with calculations returning averages for the entire hour. A clean, simple grid provides an easy way to quickly view a large amount of vitally significant data.

Air Quality Demo


Almacafe Coffee Plant

The Almacafe Coffee Plant provides insight in the different phases involved in the production of instant coffee. The visuals highlight the capability to capture distinct segments in a consolidated HMI interface for efficient monitoring and control.

Plant Demo

General Demos


The Generator screen delivers a clear view of a system that has a large number of disparate components and activities. Through simple table grouping and visualizations, status and operating parameters are easily identifiable.

Generator Demo

HVAC Building Automation

The HVAC Building Automation group provides a sample of the types of sensors and controls that are associated with commercial cooling and heating automation systems. It also demonstrates how data can be viewed in summarized data screens or graphically with live data.

Automation Demo

Online Weather

The Online Weather group displays current and historical values received from a remote weather station. Whether it’s one or twenty stations, Site Analyst provides an easy to read view of the multitude of data points across the systems. Further, graphing trends is as easy as two steps: click any points desired and click ChartIt!. Site Analyst builds charts dynamically based on the points selected, so practically any fields can be combined in a single, instant view.

Weather Demo

Security System

Demonstrating the versatility of Site Analyst, the Security site shows how any accessible data point can be gathered and made available in a simple intuitive interface. The IoT screen takes over 75 data points and makes them readily available in a compact, easy to read format.

Security System Demo


The SkyControl exhibits the use of satellite communications and the remote control capability it enables anywhere in the world. This group shows how data can not only can be received, but commands can be sent as well.

SkyControl Demo

Water Plant

The Water Plant provides a consolidated, compact view of the extensive processes and controls involved in a water treatment.

Water Plant Demo


Cyclone Tracking

Map based view that visually displays the current location and tracks of active storms. Additionally, selecting the storm icon will display current storm data and heading information.

GOM / North Atlantic Hurricane Tracking

Ammonia Plant

The steps and necessary data values involved in the processing of ammonia.

Ammonia Water Plant Visual

Coal Power Plant

A quick overview of the process of coal generated electircal power.

Coal Plant Visual

Gas Turbine Diagnostics

The visual provides quick access and insight into key elements of operating a gas turbine.

Gas Turbine Visual

Gasification Process

The visual displays a complex, multi-step process in an easily understandable forma while providing key data as needed.

Gasification Process Visual

Geothermal Combine Cycle Power Plant

A view of the multiple stages of generating electricity from a geothermal power plant.

Geothermal Plant Visual

LNG Process

A visual HMI to denote the phases and key data points in producing liquid natural gas.

LNG Process Visual

Oil Storage UK

A visual display highlighting the monitoring and storage of liquids in tanks in various locations.

Oil Storage Visual

Steam Turbine

Graphic image highlighting the components and key values.

Steam Turbine Visual