SiteAnalyst IoT ™ Advantages:

  • Easily capture the alarms you need when you need them with SiteAnalyst IoT. A very cognitively intuitive interface, lets you set an alarm within seconds. Triggered alarms are then emailed or sent to your smart phone instantly as they are detected.

  • Act on alarms when they happen, through SiteAnalyst IoT secure mobile and web applications that monitor activities in at near real-time, then close valves, adjust chokes, or shut in during critical moments.
  • Manage and monitor alarms at the data point level, adjust set points when needed, and monitor data points at near real-time relevance during critical moments.

  • Integrate directly with Wonderware, FieldDirect, IFIX, or any installed system reducing the cost of remote management and monitoring of alarms and the ability to operate controls and set points.

  • SCADA systems are about reducing cost and increasing uptime resulting in greater profit margins. SiteAnalyst IoT increases uptime with extensive Morning Reporting, on the fly alarming, and animated mapping to quickly identify what assets need attention first. All of this at less than $15 a month per asset.

SiteAnalyst IoT 2


  • 4 data points, Alarming, digital and analog

SiteAnalyst IoT 8


  • 8 data points, Alarming, digital and analog

SiteAnalyst IoT 20


  • 20 data points, Alarming, digital and analog