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5.SiteAnalyst IoT
SiteAnalyst IoT Help Manual

SiteAnalyst IoT contains two main screens, both are broken down very similar.

The Summary Page and Asset Page are shown below.

SiteAnalyst Lite Summary PageHelp Image /Help/HelpImages/412_ASiteAnalyst Lite  Summary Page.png
SiteAnalyst Lite Asset PageHelp Image /Help/HelpImages/412_ASiteAnalyst Lite Asset Page.png

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5.SiteAnalyst IoT

Asset Detail
IoT Summary View Edit
Column 1,2,3,4
Data Point Categories
Date Time Label
Time Format
Date Time After Row
Display Contract Data
Group On
Show Subtotal
Update All IoT Views
Use IoT Set
Mini Dashboard
Navigation Area
Summary & Asset Map
Summary Area
Trending Chart
Trending Grid